trio system cycle display
trio system display

TRIO System

Three's not a crowd anymore on the BM7 Trio.

The BM7 Trio System allows three bikes to be displayed adding presence and a focal point for your store.

With two factory choices of configuration, the clean and uncluttered Trio comes as either an ascending display, eg against a rear wall, or a 'down, up, down' arrangement where the display becomes an island and the bikes can be viewed from all directions.

Choose the version that makes the most impact or fits within your space. The bikes displayed can be 3 road, or mtb, or hybrid or a mix, whatever works for you.

In fact with black or white options there are 3456 choices of displaying bikes with the Trio, so flexibility is the keyword.

quattro system display


BM7 Quattro is the 4 bike version of ascending Trio, a bigger footprint, taller and with one whole bike more display space and a branded rear display board.

Choose from a skinny road bar version or an mtb specific with wide bar spacing that will display the craziest DH bike.